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My Internal War - A man who looks out dreams, but he who looks in awakens [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My Internal War [Jun. 12th, 2006|03:26 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |restlessrestless/rejected/desperate]
[music |evanesence]

i see you in the hall
i go running towards you
you are the reason i get up in the morning
then whack! i get hit on the head
in judgment by a friend
all for you
we sit talking
three minutes of bliss
but the bell must toll
and you tear at my soul
bam! my head goes flying
and makes impact with my locker
we joke around
my soul flying high
i can smile without having to lie
you look into my eyes and see my core
wham! i've fallen on the floor
i'm fighting for control of my life
my body not just for me
but a battle ground
the meeting place
for more than 2 forces' war paths
Darkness creeping in
begging to destroy and manipulate
but the light just as strong not letting that be my fate
water flooding from unknown sources
tears longing to be wiped
rescued and carried off into the night
the forest just wanting love and companionship
even in something as simple as friendship
the fire circling all else
threatening to destroy all
being proud and independent
in my heart of fire you could not make a dent
destroying all evidence of a former heart
one more easily shattered
and left in the wind to be tattered
flames grow and dance feeding all that's thrown its way
not waiting for love to come another day
ice shooting out now
wanting to freeze everything in motion
and to forget even the slightest notion
only in my sleep
do i wake from this nightmare
a time when all elements let me rest and not care
i look up from where i lie
all i want is just to die
i want to reach out and ask for your help
but i will not
because you are the reason for myself murder
and the cause of my forced suicide
but don't change for me
i'll just live with my internal war
just free-falling
please ignore my calling
(i love you)